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CPP offers a wide range of classic parts for BMW - for models such as BMW Isetta, BMW 02, BMW 1500, BMW 2000, BMW 3200, BMW 501, BMW 502, BMW 503, BMW 507, BMW 600, BMW 700, BMW E3, BMW E9, BMW M1, BMW 3 Serie, BMW 5 Serie, BMW 6 Serie, BMW 7 Serie, BMW 8 Serie, BMW Z Serie.

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Classic parts BMW

BMW was founded in 1917 when Rapp Motorenwerke, the aircraft engine producer, changed its name to BMW. In 1918 the production of aircraft engines was changed to railway brakes, household goods, and farm equipment production. Camillo Castiglioni bought the rights for the name BMW and set it to another company he was investing in, which started producing trucks, buses, pumps, and farm equipment. However, the company is considered to be founded earlier in 1916, when Bayerische Flugzeugwerke was established. BMW started the production of automobiles in 1928 when Automobilwerk Eisenach was acquired. The Dixi 3/15 which they had in production was renamed to BMW 3/15, being the first produced car from BMW. In 1932 was introduced the first wholly designed by BMW vehicle, the BMW 3/20, followed in 1933 by a straight-six version called BMW 303. During the war the company relaunched the aircraft engine production, using prisoners and foreigners as employees. Many of the plants were bombarded, seized and the rest banned. The production was relaunched in 1947, but only for motorcycles. In 1952 the ban was removed, and BMW 501 large sedan was launched in the market. In 1954 was introduced the first BMW with a V8 engine, the BMW 502. Three years later was launched BMW 600, but it was replaced by the BMW 700 only one year after its launch. The company faced problems selling the models for one or another reason, but the company was saved by the New Class introduced in 1962. In 1965 were offered new luxury coupes called 2000 CS, and 2000 C. A year later was introduced the BMW 02 Series. BMW acquired Hans Glass in 1966. In 1968 were launched New Six with straight-six engines. In 1972 were introduced the 5 Series. In 1973 were introduced the three series, in 1976 were added the six Series and in 1978 the seven series together with the BMW M1. Many models were launched in the following years starting with the first M model in 1980, the E12 M535i, the first diesel vehicle of the company, the M21 in 1983, BMW M5 and BMW M3 in 1985, E32 in 1986, E30 in 1987, E34 in 1988, the 8 Series in 1989, E36in 1990, M60 in 1992, and the BMW 3 Series Compact in 1993. In 1994 BMW acquired Rover Group, but after six years, the brands except Mini were sold out because of their lack of profitability for the company. In 1995 BMW took over Designworks USA. In 1995 was introduced a model from the 7 Series, the E38 725tds, with a diesel engine, together with the E39, and the BMW Z3. In 1998 was launched the E46 from the 3 Series. In 1999 was introduced the BMW X5, followed by the E65 in 2001, Z4 in 2002, BMW X3 and Rolls-Royce Phantom in 2003, E60 M5 in 2005, and E92 335i in 2006. In 2007 BMW acquired Husqvarna Motorcycles. In 2008 were launched BMW N63, and BMW X6 SUV, followed by X1 Compact SUV in 2009, F01 ActiveHybrid7 in 2010, F10 M5 in 2011, BMW i3 in 2013, BMW i8 in 2014 together with the BMW X4 compact SUV, and G11 740E with F30 and F31 330e in 2016. The production of the company has been increasing since 2010, reaching its top of about 2 124 000 in the year 2017. Approximately the same amount was also sold in the same year. The company has collaborated with Audi, Mercedes, Toyota, and others for specific ideas. BMW has also participated in motorsport competitions, including Formula One, 24 Hours of Le Mans and many more. In 2018 the company had about 134 700 employees.

Spare parts BMW models:

  • Spare parts BMW Isetta
    Spare parts BMW 02
    Spare parts BMW 1500
    Spare parts BMW 2000
    Spare parts BMW 2000 Coupe
    Spare parts BMW 3200
    Spare parts BMW 501
    Spare parts BMW 502
    Spare parts BMW 503
    Spare parts BMW 507
    Spare parts BMW 600
    Spare parts BMW 700
    Spare parts BMW E3
    Spare parts BMW E9
    Spare parts BMW M1
    Spare parts BMW 3 Series
    Spare parts BMW E21
    Spare parts BMW E30
    Spare parts BMW E36
    Spare parts BMW 5 Series
    Spare parts BMW E12
    Spare parts BMW E28
    Spare parts BMW E34
    Spare parts BMW 6 Series
    Spare parts BMW E24
    Spare parts BMW 7 Series
    Spare parts BMW E23
    Spare parts BMW E32
    Spare parts BMW E38
    Spare parts BMW 8 Series
    Spare parts BMW E31
    Spare parts BMW Z Series
    Spare parts BMW Z1

Classic parts and classic car spare parts BMW:

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  • Air conditioning BMW
  • Body parts BMW
  • Brakes BMW
  • Cables BMW
  • Chassis BMW
  • Cooling BMW
  • Electrical BMW
  • Engine BMW
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