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CPP offers a wide range of classic parts for Mercedes Benz - for models such as Mercedes Ponton, Mercedes 300SL, Mercedes W100, W136, W120, W121, W110, W111, W112, W114, W115, W123, W201, W202, W124, W116, W126, W140, W113.

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Classic parts Mercedes Benz

The history of Mercedes goes back to 1886 when it was designed the first vehicle running on petrol. However, the first car labeled as Mercedes was launched in 1901. They were first offered among the wealthiest individuals. The companies of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler joint into one, forming the Daimler-Benz in 1926. In the 1930s were produced the 770 models, which was driven by Adolf Hitler during the Nazi period. The company also produced Popemobiles. Mercedes gave the beginning of many of the technological innovations that later were introduced in other vehicles. Smart cars were also included in the production. Nowadays the cars from the brand are manufactured in thirty countries across the globe. The company also produced vans, such as the Sprinter, Vito, Citan, and X-Class. The different models were designated with C, D, E, G, K, L, R, S, T. Lower letters are also used for designation, indicating the trim levels. Indications of unique characteristics are also made, such as Turbo, Hybrid, 4MATIC, BlueTEC, and many others, but they can also be removed if requested when buying a model. The company launched the first automotive hybrid vehicle with a lithium-ion battery in the world. However, the company was with the worst emissions among all European manufacturers in 2008. Mercedes is planning to open six battery factories in three continents, to be a significant producer of electric cars. Mercedes also participates in Formula one, GT3, and DTM. The first robot car was also designed partly by Mercedes. The company has made many important inventions and achievements during the years for their cars and also used in the automotive industry. Among the inventions are the internal combustion engine, the honeycomb radiator, fuel injection, float carburetor, drop chassis, direct fuel injection, ABS, Airbags, pre-tensioners, 7G-Tronic, ESP, and Pre-Safe, many of which are still known and used nowadays, and all of which were first introduced by Mercedes. A Mercedes vehicle is also the first to have brakes on all wheels. The company sponsors the Germany national soccer team, Mercedes-Benz stadium, VfB Stuttgart. The company also owns AMG, where all the engines manufactured are hand made and designated with the name of the engineer responsible for their manufacturing. The company won the Safety Award in 2007 named What car? Some of the most notable models are the 260 D, Ponton, Gullwing, Fintail, S-Class, W114, W123, 300 SD, C-Class, SL 73 AMG, A-Class, CLS-Class, CLA-Class, produced in the order mentioned, and many more, each notable with a different thing.

Spare parts Mercedes Benz models:

  • Spare parts Mercedes Ponton
    Spare parts Mercedes Gullwing
    Spare parts Mercedes 300SL
    Spare parts Mercedes W100
    Spare parts Mercedes 600 Pullman
    Spare parts Mercedes W136
    Spare parts Mercedes W120
    Spare parts Mercedes W121
    Spare parts Mercedes 180
    Spare parts Mercedes W143
    Spare parts Mercedes Type 230
    Spare parts Mercedes W110
    Spare parts Mercedes W111
    Spare parts Mercedes W112
    Spare parts Mercedes W114
    Spare parts Mercedes W115
    Spare parts Mercedes W123
    Spare parts Mercedes W201
    Spare parts Mercedes 190
    Spare parts Mercedes C Class
    Spare parts Mercedes W202
    Spare parts Mercedes E Class
    Spare parts Mercedes W124
    Spare parts Mercedes G Class
    Spare parts Mercedes 460
    Spare parts Mercedes 461
    Spare parts Mercedes S Class
    Spare parts Mercedes W116
    Spare parts Mercedes W126
    Spare parts Mercedes W140
    Spare parts Mercedes SLC Class
    Spare parts Mercedes SL Class
    Spare parts Mercedes W113
    Spare parts Mercedes Pagoda 230
    Spare parts Mercedes W198
    Spare parts Mercedes W107
    Spare parts Mercedes R107
    Spare parts Mercedes R129
    Spare parts Mercedes W129
    Spare parts Mercedes MB100
    Spare parts Mercedes Type 631
    Spare parts Mercedes Hanomag

Classic parts and classic car spare parts Mercedes Benz:

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  • Body parts Mercedes Benz
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