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CPP offers a wide range of classic parts for VW - for models such as VW Beetle, VW K70, VW LT, VW Type 1, VW 1200, VW 1302, VW 1303, VW 1500, VW 1600, VW Karmann Ghia, VW T2, VW T3, VW T4, VW Corrado, VW Scirocco, VW Transporter, VW Bus, VW Type 3, VW Type 4, VW Santana, VW Fridolin, VW Caddy, VW Type 181, VW Iltis, VW Polo, VW Derby, VW Golf, VW Jetta, VW Passat

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Classic parts VW

Volkswagen was founded on 28th of May, 1937 in Wolfsburg. It is a marque of Volkswagen Group. In 1934 Adolf Hitler orders production of a vehicle able to carry to adult and three children with a speed of 62 mph. A factory with the name Stadt des KdF-Wagen is launched, and prototypes of the KdF-Wagen started to appear. Because of the war, the production has shifted to production for military purposes with only Schwimmwagens and Kubelwagens in production by approximately fifteen thousand slaves. 

In 1945 the factory was bombed, captured by the Americans and given to the British. Because of the damage, it could not be used properly. Rules for the German production were set, stating that the Germans are allowed to produce only 10% of the total output of cars in 1936. By 1946, the factory was able to, and producing about a thousand vehicles per month. The cars names shifted to Volkswagen. Heinrich Nordhoff was set to run the company in 1948. A sport version Karmann Ghia, Volkswagen Type 2 commercial vans, campers and pick-ups, and the Type 1 Beetle were introduced. In 1948, the former senior manager of Opel, Heinrich Nordhoff was chosen to run the factory. The Beetle was launched in 1955 in the USA, and the sales of the Beetle grew fast. The facilities increased to about 5600 square meters.

In 1959 Volkswagen opened a new production facility in Brazil. In 1960 the company’s name was changed to Volkswagenwerk AG. In 1961 the product line was expanded to include also Notchback, Fastback, and Variant. In 1964 Volkswagen took over Auto Union and NSU in 1969.  A Super Beetle was launched in 1971. In 1973 was launched a military version called Type 82.  By 1973 approximately sixteen million Beetles have been sold. While the Beetles were well sold, the other models were struggling which has led the company to some issues. They were solved through the newly acquired Audi, which gave a boost on developing the so-called Polo, Scirocco, Golf, and Passat. In 1973 was launched the Passat, followed by the Scirocco and Golf in 1974, and the Polo in 1975, which all helped to substitute the Beetle, and the production of Beetle ended.  Volkswagen Derby was also launched in 1977. By introducing the second generation Jetta, GTI, and Golf the customer satisfaction interacting with the brand has increased significantly. In 1985 the company’s name was changed to Volkswagen AG. In 1991 the third generation Golf won European Car of The Year. In 1995 was launched the Sharan, followed by the Golf Mk4, launched in 1997, and the most fuel-efficient car for that time in the world launched in 1998, called Lupo. In 2005 was launched the fifth generation of Jetta, followed by Eos in 2007. The GTI. won several awards in 2007 from different magazines.  A sixth generation of the Golf was launched in 2008. In 2008 were also offered Passat Coupe and the Tiguan. A Touraeg has been provided thanks to cooperation with Porsche. Passat B7 was also launched in 2011, followed by Volkswagen Atlas in 2016. In 2016 Volkswagen entered a collaboration with Israeli experts for cybersecurity to start developing electric vehicles. They have announced that by 2025 they will produce about 3 million cars per year. In 2018 their first electric vehicle for racing was launched, the so-called IDR Pikes Peak. 

Spare parts VW Models:

  • Spare parts VW K70
    Spare parts VW LT
    Spare parts VW LT 28-50
    Spare parts VW LT 40-55
    Spare parts VW LT 28
    Spare parts VW LT 31
    Spare parts VW LT 32
    Spare parts VW LT 35
    Spare parts VW LT 46
    Spare parts VW LT 50
    Spare parts VW Beetle
    Spare parts VW Type 1
    Spare parts VW Type 1 Convertible
    Spare parts VW type 1 Brezelkäger
    Spare parts VW 1200
    Spare parts VW 1302
    Spare parts VW 1303
    Spare parts VW 1500
    Spare parts VW 1600
    Spare parts VW Karmann Ghia
    Spare parts VW Karmann Ghia Type 14
    Spare parts VW Karmann Ghia Type 34
    Spare parts VW Karmann Ghia Convertible
    Spare parts VW Karmann Ghia Coupe
    Spare parts VW Multivan
    Spare parts VW T3
    Spare parts VW T3 Hatchback
    Spare parts VW T3 Variant
    Spare parts VW T4
    Spare parts VW T4 411
    Spare parts VW T4 412
    Spare parts VW T4 412 Variant
    Spare parts VW Corrado
    Spare parts VW Scirocco
    Spare parts VW Scirocco 1
    Spare parts VW Scirocco 2
    Spare parts VW Schwimmwagen
    Spare parts VW Schwimmwagen 1
    Spare parts VW Schwimmwagen 2
    Spare parts VW Transporter
    Spare parts VW Transporter T1
    Spare parts VW Transporter T2
    Spare parts VW Transporter T3
    Spare parts VW Transporter T4
    Spare parts VW Transporter T5
    Spare parts VW Transporter T6
    Spare parts VW Transporter standard passenger van
    Spare parts VW Bus T1
    Spare parts VW Bus T2
    Spare parts VW Bus T3
    Spare parts VW Bus T4
    Spare parts VW Bus T5
    Spare parts VW Bus T6
    Spare parts VW Type 3
    Spare parts VW Type 4
    Spare parts VW Santana
    Spare parts VW Fridolin
    Spare parts VW Caddy
    Spare parts VW Type 181
    Spare parts VW Iltis
    Spare parts VW Polo
    Spare parts VW Polo 1
    Spare parts VW Polo 2
    Spare parts VW Derby
    Spare parts VW Golf
    Spare parts VW Golf 1
    Spare parts VW Golf 2
    Spare parts VW Jetta
    Spare parts VW Jetta 1
    Spare parts VW Jetta 2
    Spare parts VW Passat
    Spare parts VW Passat B1
    Spare parts VW Passat B2
    Spare parts VW Passat B3
    Spare parts VW Passat B4

Classic parts and classic car spare parts VW:

  • Accessories VW
  • Air conditioning VW
  • Body parts VW
  • Brakes VW
  • Cables VW
  • Chassis VW
  • Cooling VW
  • Electrical VW
  • Engine VW
  • Exhausts VW
  • Exterior VW
  • Filters VW
  • Gearbox VW
  • Heating VW
  • Hydraulics VW
  • Interior VW
  • Lighting VW
  • Relays VW
  • Steering parts VW
  • Suspension VW
  • Transmission VW

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